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Hebrew Bingo

Attention Jewish educators, camp directors, tour guides, etc.

I have released two free Hebrew Bingo games. These are great for teaching Hebrew, and for entertaining children (and adults). Use for rainy days, parties, or even for bus trips with your school.

The games come with playing cards which you can print. I suggest laminating the cards, then using an erasable marker for marking the boxes.

The games run in the browser and should work on mobile devices too.

Game Cards Single Random Card
Bingo with 75 Numbers Printable Number Cards Single 75-Number Card
Torah Bingo Printable Torah Cards Single Torah Card

I am currently partnering with a printer to produce cards with custom text (school name, camp name, in memory, in honor, etc.) Please contact me for ordering information.

I am also working on a Shabbat version with "playing cards" for picking random numbers. It will be packaged with traditional opaque bingo chips.

Feel free to send any comments, suggestions, and bug reports.

Last Updated Friday, April 24, 2020.
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