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Term Definition
Aliyah LaTorah Getting called up to the Torah
Brit Milah Circumcision ceremony
Chatan Man to be married in upcoming week
Chazan One who is leading the prayers (AKA cantor)
Choleh Ill male
Cholah Ill female
Cholim Ill males
Cholot Ill females
Gabbai Sheriff of the synagogue; the guy who calls people up to the Torah
Glilah Tying up and dressing Torah after hagbah
Haftorah Prophets' portion read after the Torah reading
Hagbah Lifting and displaying of Torah
Misheberach A blessing recited by the gabbai, usually for the person who was called up to the Torah.
Nikud Vowels placed around Hebrew letters
Shabbat Chatan Sabbath before wedding
Shul Synagogoue
Taamei HaMikra "Music notes" used for reading Torah and Haftorah
Tanach Bible
Vaad Board, committee
Yamim Nora'im High holy days

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