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Is this gabbai stuff for free? Yes it is. People have told me that I should sell all these goodies. However, I have decided to make it widely available for the good of the public. Rather than profit from this, I'd rather solicit tax-deductible donations for worthy causes, like our shul. So, if you find these tools to be useful, please send a donation to:

Beit Knesset Maale Michmas
Maale Michmas
D.N. Mizrach Binyamin, ISRAEL

The shul is certified in Israel (Chapter 46) as a non-profit organization for tax purposes. Until we get the U.S equivalent, if you'd like to make a donation to an institution registered as tax-deductible in the U.S., please send a donation to the One Israel Fund, and earmark it for the "Maale Michmas Central Synagogue".

One Israel Fund
1175 West Broadway Suite 10
Hewlett, NY 11557
T: 516.239.9202
F: 516.239.9203

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