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Miscellaneous Documents

Most of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). You can download the Acrobat Reader from Adobe. Download Adobe Acrobat

Here is the list of miscellaneous documents available:

Name Contents
newmoon5783.pdf Rosh Chodesh cheat sheet for 5783 (2022/2023) from Philo-Torah.
kel-malle.pdf Kel Malle Rachamim (Azkarah) on a 3" x 5" card.
ALIYAH.PDF Aliyah LaTorah (to be laminated)
TZAHAL.PDF Two-sided page with prayers for IDF soldiers.
Side one: Misheberach for all IDF soldiers
Side two: Misheberach for missing IDF soldiers
state.pdf Two-sided page with prayers for the State of Israel and IDF soldiers.
Side one: Prayer for the State of Israel
Side two: Misheberach for IDF soldiers and police
yizkor.pdf Two-sided page with Kel-Maleh Rachamim.
Side one: Yizkor for Holocaust martyrs
Side two: Yizkor for IDF soldiers
OPENROSH.PDF Ark openings for Rosh HaShanah
OPENYOM.PDF Ark openings for Yom Kippur
SONGLIST.PDF Song list for Simchat Torah
SICKLIST.PDF List for Ill people
BRIT.PDF Checklist for Brit Milah (in Hebrew). Special thanks to Dr. Raphael Bortz of Telz Stone, Israel.
AUFRUF.PDF Checklist for "Aufruf" AKA "Shabbat Chatan" (in Hebrew).
BMLIST.PDF Checklist for "Bar Mitzvah" (in Hebrew).
KIDDUSH.PDF Two-sided page with Large-print Shabbat Morning Kiddush.
Side one: Shabbat Morning Kiddush
Side two: Bracha Achronah (Al HaMichyah)
KADDISH-ASH.PDF Two-sided page with Large-print Kaddish in "Nusach Ashkenaz".
Side one: Kaddish Yatom (mourner's kaddish)
Side two: Kaddish D'rabanan (rabbi's kaddish)
KADDISH-SEF.PDF Two-sided page with Large-print Kaddish in "Nusach Sfard".
Side one: Kaddish Yatom (mourner's kaddish)
Side two: Kaddish D'rabanan (rabbi's kaddish)
NO-CARLEBACH.PDF Humorous sign declaring that your minyan will be free of "Carlebach-Style" davening.
ALEFBET.PDF Large-print display of the Hebrew alphabet and nikud to assist children in learning how to read.
kabshab-short.pdf Kabballat Shabbat practice sheet for young chazzanim. Of course they should also learn to read the rest of the tefillah.
This is two pages long. Just glue back-to-back and laminate for hours of cantorial fun.
The following two documents are for making index cards for storing aliyah information.
These cards hold the following information:
  1. Last name, First name
  2. Full name for aliyah
  3. Room for aliyah data (date, aliyah name, gift) for 14 aliyot
  4. A passport photo (for visual identification)
  5. Bar-Mitzvah parsha
  6. Bar-Mitzvah haftorah (if different from parsha - i.e. machar chodesh, arba parshiot)
Print the format needed. There are four cards on the printout. Then photocopy the page onto card-thickness paper. Finally, use a paper cutter to cut out the cards. I use different colored paper for the cohanim and levi'im.
ALICARDE.PDF Aliyah card with English
ALICARDH.PDF Aliyah card with Hebrew
The following documents are for assisting young chazanim.
ANIM.PDF Anim Zemirot with high and low verses
YIGDAL.PDF Large Yigdal with large text for the chazan
The following file was created to save multiple downloads.
ALL_MISC.ZIP All the miscellaneous documents in a single "zip" file

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