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Misheberach Cards

These documents are in index card format. The index cards are approximately 3" x 5" (8cm x 12cm). Each document contains two cards. What I do is print out the document, cut out each card, and glue the cards back-to-back, with another sheet of paper in the middle (for added thickness). Then I get the two-sided card laminated. To save money, I put several cards together in an A4-sized lamination sleeve, and after lamination, I cut the cards out. Don't forget to round off the sharp corners.

Most of these documents are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). You can download the Acrobat Reader from Adobe. Download Adobe Acrobat

Here is a rather large thumbnail of a misheberach card:
Sample Misheberach Card

Here is the list of Misheberach cards available:

Name Event Side A Side B
COHEN.PDF Cohen Call-Up Shabbat/YomTov Call-Up Weekday Call-Up
OLEHSHAB.PDF Shabbat Oleh LaTorah Hagbah / Glilah
OLEHROSH.PDF Rosh HaShanah Oleh LaTorah Hagbah / Glilah
OLEHKIPP.PDF Yom Kippur Oleh LaTorah Hagbah / Glilah
OLEHNORA.PDF Yamim Nora'im Oleh LaTorah Hagbah / Glilah
OLEH3REG.PDF Shalosh Regalim Oleh LaTorah Hagbah / Glilah
VAAD.PDF Rosh HaShanah Outgoing Vaad Incoming Vaad
MINIALIA.PDF Mini Aliya Small Aliya LaTorah Cholim & Cholot (modern - includes matriarchs)
ILL_ONE.PDF Choleh & Cholah Choleh Cholah (modern - includes matriarchs)
ILL_ONE2.PDF Choleh & Cholah Choleh Cholah (traditional - excludes matriarchs)
ILL_MANY.PDF Cholim & Cholot Cholim Cholot (modern - includes matriarchs)
ILLMANY2.PDF Cholim & Cholot Cholim Cholot (traditional - excludes matriarchs)
CHATAN.PDF Chatan / New Resident Chatan New Resident
SOLDIER.PDF Soldiers Soldier Before Induction Group of Soldiers Before Induction
BIRTH.PDF Births (modern - includes matriarchs) Birth of Boy Birth of Girl / Naming
BIRTH2.PDF Births (traditional - excludes matriarchs) Birth of Boy Birth of Girl / Naming
BIRTH-GRANDPA.PDF Birth of Grandchild (modern - includes matriarchs) Birth of Grandson Birth of Granddaughter
WEEKDAYPAGE.PDF All the popular weekday misheberachs on a page.
BARMITZ.PDF Bar/Bat Mitzvah Bar Mitzvah (Father of) Bat Mitzvah
80YEARS.PDF Gvurot/2nd Bar Mizvah 80th Birthday 83rd Birthday
The following file was created to save multiple downloads.
ALL_OLEH.ZIP All the misheberach cards in a single "zip" file

[The reason why there is a card for Yamim Nora'im as well as for Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur is because some people say only 'Viyachtimayhu' on Yom Kippur as opposed to 'Viyichtivayhu Viyachtimayhu' which is said on Rosh HaShanah. If you use the double-blessing for both, then use the card for Yamim Nora'im.]

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